Doctor, doctor give me some news


Ella at her first Sick Kids appointment, April 30th

After such a long journey in the NICU, it’s so nice to be home, but we constantly have doctor appointments.

Today, Miss Ella had her first follow-up appointment at Sick Kids’ neurosurgery department. After her brain damage and subsequent swelling, there was discussion about her having surgery or a shunt put in to drain excess fluid. Sick Kids were following us since the beginning, but we never were transferred because they thought we should wait and see.

I know she’s doing well. I KNOW it, but still felt anxious going. Every time the doctor did a test with her or asked a question, I worried she would not pass. I was almost in tears as the doctor told me they’re thrilled with her progress. We still need to keep going back for ultrasounds and check-ups, but the news is good.

It’s scary and intimidating navigating such a massive hospital where everywhere you look are families struggling, but Ella got lots of attention all tucked in her carseat.

We have about 1000 more doctor appointments, including more shots next week, but we’re on our way!

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