Happy 5th birthday, baby girls!

Today the girls turn 5 years old! It is hard to believe that 5 years ago, they were the tiniest things I have ever seen, just over two pounds each, and now they are 40 pounds, tall, and chock-full of personality (and curly hair.)

The last few months have been extremely busy but also exciting; the girls started Junior Kindergarten and adjusted to school really well. Ella got her wheelchair and is getting better at navigating it – steering is not the easiest!

They are making their own friends at school, picking their favourite parts of school, and learning all kinds of new things. While still loving unicorns and princesses, Raegan asked for makeup at Christmas and the girls asked to get their ears pierced for their birthdays. They really are getting to be big girls.

I got to see Ella using her school’s walker in gym class; she putted around the gym chasing her friends and giggling and when she spotted me through the glass window, she started telling everyone; “that’s my mama! Look! There is my mama!”

I am always so amazed at how far these girls have come, how strong they have been even from birth, and how brave they sometimes have to be with appointments or life in general. But, they are still little and sometimes it doesn’t seem that long ago that they both napped on me during the day. Time is an incredible thing sometimes; just when you think you have it figured out, five years have passed and you’re not even sure how. I don’t want time to speed up at all but I am curious what the girls will ultimately do in life, what will draw their attention, because as Dr. Seuss says, kid, you’ll move mountains, and I cannot wait to see.

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