Doctor, doctor give me some news

After such a long journey in the NICU, it’s so nice to be home, but we constantly have doctor appointments. Today, Miss Ella had her first follow-up appointment at Sick Kids’ neurosurgery department. After her brain damage and subsequent swelling, there was discussion about her having surgery or a shunt put in to drain excess […]

We’re 100 days old!

Wow, so hard to believe that almost the first third of the girls’ first year is done! What an amazing adventure we’ve been on in just 100 days. The past couple days have been super cold and gross so we’ve mostly been bumming around at home, which is fine. Buds’ last day at daycare is […]

How do you say thank you?

I can’t imagine that upon seeing the two lines – pregnant!- anyone is hoping for a high risk pregnancy. The excitement and nervousness quickly turns to anxiety, fear, and the unknown. When we found out we were pregnant again, we never imagined the journey we were about to take. Dr. Hui discovered the twins, and […]