Am I abandoning Ella?

In preparation for my upcoming trip away and then my return to work, we started transitioning the girls with their babysitter so that when I do fly the coop, the girls won’t completely freak out. Except, it’s not exactly going as planned. Today, with Ella sitting on her lap and me right across from her, […]

When it rains, get the perfect umbrella on Etsy

I’d like to thank my friend for her suggested post title, as my original title was: When it rains, it pours, and the roof leaks and the basement floods, and mold grows, and an electrical fire starts, and when heading down the stairs to clean up, you fall and break your leg, and then a […]

Am I just a lazy mum?

The great thing about having had Buds before the girls is that I had a pretty decent grip on motherhood before dealing with all the extra needs the girls have. The downside is that he was the most chill baby ever who slept consistently through the night and had the same nap schedule almost from […]

Battle of the Bulge Update: Month Three

It’s the third month since rejoining Weight Watchers and the sun is finally coming out, which of course means less clothing very soon (ugh- exposed arms). I lost 2.2 pounds last month and have 5.8 pounds (let’s round to 6) to my pre – twins weight. All of my old pants fit, but there’s definitely […]

Multiplicity Spring Issue

I have to say that I love to write. I remember writing short stories and novellas when I was a kid. I even tried my hand at poetry and music. Of course, I never imagined that anyone would want to read my writing, let alone publish it. I’m thrilled to be featured twice in the […]

We’re 15 months old!

15 months! It gets more and more obvious that the girls are moving away from babyhood and into toddlerdom. Raegan is pretty much ready to pack a bag and move out. She’s thisclose to walking and I expect by next month’s update, she will be trotting along. For now, she’s pulling up and cruising at […]