Staying Organized While Single Parenting Multiples | Twiniversity

Two years really isn’t that much time, not in the grand scheme of things, after all, my bestie and I have known each other almost 27 years, the two of us shocking each other with stories that end with…and that was 15 years ago! And yet, two years with babies both fly by and seem […]

Body Image After Twins: Learning to Love Yourself Again – Twiniversity

I’m excited to share my most recent piece for Twiniversity for so many reasons. I’ve always struggled with how I look, with my body. I’ve always wondered how life would be if I were skinnier or prettier. I’m guessing most of you reading this have wondered the same about some aspect of yourself. I’ve constantly […]

Separated After Twins: Taking a Marriage Break – Twiniversity

In probably one of my most personal blogs for Twiniversity, I open up about my marriage and separation. Since writing this piece, we have begun to figure out how to parent together, though separated. It’s not easy and especially not with two kids who are all about their dad. I swear Raegan’s favourite word is […]

The Guilt of the Working Mom – Twiniversity

As I’ve written before, heading back to work has been a hard journey for all of us, and it seemed natural to write about it for my latest piece on Twiniversity. It feels great to be back among like-minded adults and to have conversations about things I am passionate about, but the simple truth is, […]

Is There Still a “Me” in There? Defining Myself as More Than a Mom of Three – Twiniversity

One of my friends and I have known each other since we were five, and we still joke that it feels like I’ve always had kids. Honestly, it sometimes is hard to remember life pre-kids. Like, what did I do with all my time?? It can be hard to find the time to do things […]

My Non-Identical Identical Twins – Twiniversity

I’m a member of my local twins group and it’s fantastic for most twin related needs, except for what it’s like to have one twin develop at a typical rate and the other to be behind. My NICU and preemie groups are mostly full of singleton parents, and the twins that are parts of those […]

Twins in the NICU :: Our 80-Day Journey Home – Twiniversity

Sometimes I forget exactly what our time in the NICU was like. The specifics and all the challenges we had.  It felt like it went on forever while the girls were there, but now it seems the time flew by. When I sat down to write our NICU story for Twiniversity,  I thought about each […]

Two Babies, One Sac: My Mono Mono Twin Pregnancy | Twiniversity

Many of you have followed our story for some time; you’ve read about our pregnancy,  emergency c-section, NICU time, and life at home. But, if you don’t know how it all started, how our journey began, my latest post for Twiniversity covers every week of my pregnancy and explains just exactly what MoMos are.

Three Under Three, All Wanting a Piece of Me | Twiniversity

At the beginning,  it was a struggle for me to handle all three kids by myself and make sure that they all got attention,  especially Buds. I found ways to incorporate him into our daily routine based on the things he loves. In the end, I don’t want regrets when it comes to my kids, […]

Safe Sleep: Reducing the Risk of SIDS | Twiniversity

My second blog for Twiniversity is a much more serious one than my first. I have to say, nothing bothers me as much as seeing other parents post pictures of their wee babes surrounded by bumpers, blankets, and stuffed animals when they’re sleeping. It actually scares me and when I see those pictures, I just […]