Thick as Thieves

After the girls were first born, whenever we asked Braeden the names of his sisters he was always quick to yell Ella! but often needed help remembering Raegan’s name. At first, I thought it was because her name is a little harder to say, but since it’s so similar to his, I wondered if it […]

Well that year went by quickly

On Sunday, Jas and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  The biggest surprise of the day, I think, was how fast it came. Of course,  the year didn’t really speed up like in some science fiction movie, but it sure feels that way. I can honestly say that most couples do not go through what […]

Happy Thanksgiving, baby girls

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada. Since I lived in America for so long, I used to celebrate both Thanksgivings, and both had different feelings for me. Canadian Thanksgiving always reminded me of home and family, and mmm sweet potato mash. American Thanksgiving was always the beginning of the holidays and I still put […]

Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong

The other day, I was chatting with another mum about the girls. I shared a little of our story and she asked how long the girls had spent in the NICU. I responded,  “80 days.” She laughed,  “Not that you were counting!” I did not laugh or return her smirk because, of course I counted […]

We’re 9 months old!

Well, nine months. Nine whole months of having two sweet baby girls as part of our family. I can’t believe that so soon it will be their first Christmas and then first birthdays! Of course, the girls are about six and a half months corrected, but I have to say,  they’re doing phenomenally. Raegan is […]