Let’s talk about that adapted swing

Depending on where you live, your local playground might feature some adapted equipment, most likely a swing. Our playground across the street was recently updated to be slightly more accessible; the sand that was throughout the whole playground was converted to a rubberized ground that’s easier to walk on, or push a stroller or wheelchair […]

Everything is a big deal in special needs parenting

There’s a lot of differences between typical parenting and special needs parenting. There’s lots of ups and downs and there’s a lot of things that as a parent, you need to accept. But, I think one of the most wonderful parts of being a special needs parent is finding the joy and excitement in everything,  […]

Redefining Self Worth – YOU CAN DO IT! – Ennui Magazine & Network

Worth is a very subjective thing. Some people say the price of high fashion is insane, while others say the absolutely gorgeous pieces are worth every penny. But, self worth is even more elusive. It comes and goes based on how our relationships are, how work is, even how we look. What happens when you […]

Battle of the Bulge: 21 Day Fix

I did it! Wait. Let me try again: I DID IT!!! I have officially finished my first ever 21 day fix. And although there were moments where I wanted to throw in the sweat soaked towel, I didn’t.  I did the food plan. I used those teeny containers. (Like, wtf Autumn? We’re not squirrels.) I […]

I’m just a fluffy marshmallow

Have you ever been in your car and looked over and the person next to you was crying? You don’t know why, and you don’t even know them, but you feel like you should do something? You offer a sympathetic smile or wave as you make eye contact before both of you driving off. Last […]

The Separated Mama

I’ve pretty much written about everything; my c section, breastfeeding,  my battle with my weight, my fears for Ella. But I haven’t written much about my relationship. For so many reasons, I didn’t, and I really always felt like I was living a lie. And truth be told, I was. Everyone has assumed things about […]

We’re 18 months!

18 months! We’re officially at the halfway point to two, which I cannot believe! In January, the girls’ ages will no longer be corrected. Right now, they’re about 15 and a half months corrected. Ella has improved SO much in such a short time. Our nanny is absolutely amazing and does all kinds of exercises […]

Battle of the Bulge: Who wants a Beachbody?

As you know, I’ve been struggling with my jelly belly since the girls were born, but you may not know that I’ve really struggled with my body since childhood. I was always a big kid, and often teased for it. For so long I’ve told myself that I’m just meant to be fat, but I […]

The Guilt of the Working Mom – Twiniversity

As I’ve written before, heading back to work has been a hard journey for all of us, and it seemed natural to write about it for my latest piece on Twiniversity. It feels great to be back among like-minded adults and to have conversations about things I am passionate about, but the simple truth is, […]