On this day two years ago…

When you have a preemie, there are usually a couple days that float in your mind; the day your baby should have been born, and the day they actually were. With mono mono twins, there’s even more days that always stay with me; their 40 week due date, their scheduled c section date, their birthday, […]

My love/hate relationship with adapted equipment

When the doctors first mentioned the words Cerebral Palsy after Ella’s brain injury, it sent me through the stages of grief, but I spent a long time in denial. I had convinced myself that Ella would prove everyone wrong, that she would hit all her milestones and be tough and amazing and would waltz into […]

Happy birthday, girls!

Last week the girls turned two and so naturally that means it’s time to party! They had a rather large shindig last year, and I really wanted to keep it small, but still special. So, this past Sunday, that’s what we did; a small get together based around one of the girls’ favourite things – […]

Multiplicity Winter 2016 by Multiplicity Magazine

Multiplicity just released a brand new website and the Winter issue is live now! In it, I write about some ways to introduce your twins to their big brother or sister and keep them from feeling jealous or insecure. I am by no means an expert on the topic, but I always tried to remember […]

We’re two years old!

Just slightly over two years ago the girls were born; Raegan at 7:29 and Ella at 7:32 PM. I had no idea then the journey we were about to embark on, but I am thankful for every day. I am always amazed at the girls and their bond. Their personalities really are as if one […]

To my girls on the eve of their second birthdays

Dear baby girls, Tomorrow you turn two, and though it seems like only yesterday you were born, you are no longer babies, but becoming two strong-willed ladies. I’ve watched you grow every day, from two tiny bums on an ultrasound machine to sassy, bright eyed girls wanting to explore the world. As your birthday comes, […]

The new year doesn’t erase the old one

Despite what people believe, when the clock strikes twelve January first, the past is not immediately forgotten or erased; a new year begins, but not with a clean slate. We unfortunately do not live in a romantic comedy where that ball drop leads to the love of our life,  the answer to our problems, a […]