The babies get a talking to

I’ve heard doctors and nurses say that patients are really the best advocates for their care, and as a social worker I believe wholeheartedly in that. Today during my ultrasound I wasn’t scheduled to have growth done on the babies, and knowing that it’s been two weeks, I asked that it be done and I’m […]

Home for the holidays

Despite the fact that we still don’t have power at home and are spending Christmas as nomads, I’m still thankful to be home. Sure, it’s not as planned but it’s better than being in hospital. Today we were running errands and Buds wanted to hold my hand in the car as we drove around. Is […]

I hate you, little egg

I think it’s a pretty well known fact that hospital food is terrible.┬áIt’s definitely hard for a self-described picky person as myself since the options are quite limited. I think I’ve been given 15 cheese sandwiches since I’ve been here. My favourite meal has always been breakfast, I just love myself a big breakfast whether […]