Reflections of a year

In only a few hours it will officially be a new year. Some who had a year like ours may say good riddance to 2014, but this year, though filled with many challenges, brought me two sweet baby girls. Everyone keeps sharing their years on Facebook and I watched mine to see the random pictures […]

Our first Christmas

Well if the babies aren’t exhausted from their first Christmas,  I sure am. Probably why it’s taken me almost a week to write about it! Since my family has four birthdays in December plus Christmas,  the celebrations last almost all month. We visited the 12 decorated Christmas trees at the Gardner Museum, went to the […]

‘Twas the night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and this mama reflected This time last year, Christmas felt quite neglected. As we trudged through the city looking for lodging, The ice storm we were constantly dodging. To the hospital we went on Christmas morning For the babies’ daily monitoring. Mama filled with wonder when they would make their […]

She works hard for her Cheerios

I would guess that most parents take “normal” baby things for granted. It’s expected that your baby will not only meet developmental milestones, but will exceed at them and every parent hopes that their baby is the first to do everything.  Raegan is surpassing her brother’s milestones and is closer in development to her actual […]

We’re eleven months old!

Eleven months! This is officially the last month before the girls turn one. Sniff. Don’t mind me, just trying to figure out where this year has gone. What a difference a month has made for Raegan in particular. In just one month, she got four teeth, is officially crawling,  sits up more on her own […]

The karma is gonna getcha’

The other day, the kids and I had brunch with a friend. At least, it was meant to be brunch, but after our wait it turned into lunch. Considering the wait, heat, and how packed the restaurant was, I thought we all survived pretty well. Towards the end, Raegan lost it a bit and started […]