It’s Christmastime in the city

I can honestly say that last Christmas was the worst Christmas ever, and I’m counting the time I drove home from Chicago on Christmas Eve and had to deal with ice the whole way through Michigan,  a massive accident after the border, and not getting to my parents’ house until almost 3 AM. Last year […]

Winter is coming

Due to some jerky polar vortex this week, we were all given a lovely reminder that winter is, in fact, coming. I’ve never been a fan of winter. Yes, my favourite holiday is nestled in there, all warm and snug, but even Christmas cannot save winter for me. I hate snow, slush,  ice, and cold. […]

Expecting Preemies

It’s strange to think that all us mono mono mamas are also preemie mamas. In only extremely rare circumstances would mono mono twins be born full term because of all the complications associated with a mono mono pregnancy. I think knowing that your baby is going to be premature makes you savour every minute of […]

World Prematurity Day

Today is World Prematurity Day, a day meant to raise awareness about premature birth and infant death. The statistics are staggering; 15 million babies are born premature every year and one baby dies every thirty seconds from being born too soon. Every thirty seconds. By the time we get our Starbucks,  something like 6 babies […]

Two Babies, One Sac: My Mono Mono Twin Pregnancy | Twiniversity

Many of you have followed our story for some time; you’ve read about our pregnancy,  emergency c-section, NICU time, and life at home. But, if you don’t know how it all started, how our journey began, my latest post for Twiniversity covers every week of my pregnancy and explains just exactly what MoMos are.


Today is Rememberance Day in Canada (Veteran’s Day in America) and I always tend to think about my grandparents this time of year. Though we have family who fought in both world wars, World War II stays with me the most. Maybe because both my grandfathers fought in the war, or maybe because the unthinkable […]

We’re ten months old!

Ten months and the countdown to their first birthdays is officially on. Sigh. What a year it’s been and it is flying by at incredible speeds. At their last appointment,  Raegan weighed 16 pounds and Ella 16 and a half pounds, though they feel so different in terms of weight.  I swear Ella keeps that […]

Happy birthday, JMP!

Today is Jason’s birthday, and last year on his birthday we found out we were having girls. It’s pretty hard to top that surprise,  but since he was off, I still wanted it to be special. We headed to lunch with the girls then over to a baby friendly movie. Considering we had two babies […]

Minions Unite!

Sometimes I feel bad for the girls being simultaneously the second and third child. When I was pregnant with Buds, I kept a scrapbook with all the special things I did when I was pregnant and kept it going after he was born; creating scrapbook pages for each month, keeping track of every new experience.  […]