Don’t try to know my story

Before I had kids, I remember there were certain parents I would see and I would just wonder how they did it. Maybe they had a bunch of kids close in age or multiples or a kid with special needs, but I would just marvel at them, their skill, their smiles, but I never understood […]

I want to walk

   Navigating life as a special need parent can be simultaneously exhausting and overwhelming. Even just realizing how inaccessible the city is can feel downright depressing as you start to think about how much it will effect your kid as they start to grow up. We definitely take our triumphs wherever we can; Ella started […]

Just a trip down hospital memory lane

Last week Ella got sick. And I mean, they’re all in daycare so germs and sickness are pretty standard fare, but she seemed really sick; hot and clingy and having trouble breathing. A trip to the doctor turned into a trip to an outpatient pediatric clinic in a hospital. But, when the clinic was closed, […]

Please excuse the slightly emotional Mama over here

I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those mums who can only talk about her kids, but I definitely find they come up a lot in conversation, as well as constantly being in my mind as I navigate life as their parent. […]