Safe Sleep: Reducing the Risk of SIDS | Twiniversity

My second blog for Twiniversity is a much more serious one than my first. I have to say, nothing bothers me as much as seeing other parents post pictures of their wee babes surrounded by bumpers, blankets, and stuffed animals when they’re sleeping. It actually scares me and when I see those pictures, I just […]

29 Weeks

To most people, 29 weeks doesn’t mean much. More than six months but less than a year, it actually seems kind of arbitrary. Of course, for us, 29 weeks is ever present in our lives. Our girls were born at 29 weeks, 5 days gestation, so close to our 32 week expectation and nowhere near […]

One for the money, two for the show

I think I may have finally recovered from our super eventful Monday. Ella and I spent the day together at Sick Kids visiting the orthopaedic surgeon and getting a hip ultrasound. The good news after spending the day running from one part of the hospital to another is that Miss Ella does not need hip […]

Mama breaks the rules

Every now and then the baby rules change. It used to be that solids were started at four months and parents were supposed to follow a pretty strict cereal to purées guideline before eventually starting teeny tiny pieces of food. Then it was six months to start the whole feeding dance and now it’s six […]

We’re six months old!

Well that six months went by in a flash, and crazy to think we’re halfway to their first birthday already! The girls are three and a half months corrected and six months actual. Raegan is rolling onto her belly constantly but can’t figure out how to roll back, so flops around a bit like a […]

This time last year

What a difference a year makes. This time last year we were just figuring out that I was pregnant. Of course, at that time we had no idea the journey we were in for. Little did we know that I was pregnant with twins, let alone mono mono twins. We had no idea our next […]

Well that was a kick in the gut

You know sometimes when you’re driving and you look at the car next to you and someone is crying, and you feel bad for them, but you try to imagine what’s happened. A break up? A death? Did something awful just happen or maybe they’re tears of joy? If you had seen us turn out […]