Is anybody out there?

When you have kids, it’s only natural to seek out like-minded individuals going through the same kind of thing, especially as first time parents. When I had Braeden, I had a great group of mums I met in prenatal class that I was able to hang out with and connect with over anything and everything. […]

To my four year old

Four years ago today something amazing happened; a little peanut named Braeden was born, coming swiftly and fiercely into this world with sass that will never go away – not that I would ever want it to. More importantly,  that day Braeden made me a mum, a job I feel like I’ve had much longer […]

Staying Organized While Single Parenting Multiples | Twiniversity

Two years really isn’t that much time, not in the grand scheme of things, after all, my bestie and I have known each other almost 27 years, the two of us shocking each other with stories that end with…and that was 15 years ago! And yet, two years with babies both fly by and seem […]

Sing with me, baby

I’ve started a new job that has me working slightly different hours, so the kids get home before I do. Sometimes,  I forget how big my kids are now. I looked at Raegan during dinner tonight, and I didn’t see a baby – I saw a little girl. My breath was taken from me for […]