Gaining perspective

We got some amazing news today; Miss Ella’s ultrasound showed a small drop in size in her ventricles and her head did not grow bigger the last couple of days. We’re not out of the woods, but it is great news. I was relieved, releasing the breath that I’ve been carrying since they told us […]

Here’s looking at you, kid

The girls may be identical, but they have their own personalities and unique quirks. Lately when I have been kangaroo holding the girls, Ella has fallen asleep while Raegan and I have hung out, but today they switched it up with Miss Raegan quickly falling asleep, mouth open and everything, while Miss Ella was wide-eyed […]

What makes a mum?

It’s very strange to have been pregnant, and now, not pregnant, not have the babies to show for it. I feel like wearing a sign that screams, “I just had twins!!” to explain my weathered appearance, under eye circles, and perpetually exhausted look. As I roam around in yoga pants, I fight the urge to […]