And now I’m just pissed off

We recently headed to the park as a family, and as Jason and Braeden ran around on the playground, I chatted with another mum. This was already a big deal for me, as I usually tend to keep to myself. Jason is always on me to put myself out there and make friends, but in […]

Ella and Mama take on the world

While I’m thrilled to be so close to such an amazing hospital as Sick Kids, I found myself getting anxious with every step as I got closer to the front door this morning for Ella’s appointments. As I pushed her through the doors and wove my way through the halls to ultrasound, I realized how […]

Thank you!

This is officially my 100th blog post! I originally started this blog upon my inpatient stay as a way to quickly disseminate information to friends and family and to pass the time. I never imagined that the blog would speak to others who didn’t already know me. The response to this blog, and to certain […]

Fatty fat fat fat fatty fatty fat fat

After Braeden was born, I hated the way I looked. None of my clothes fit properly and I hated seeing myself in pictures because of how I looked. After feeling terrible about myself, I joined Weight Watchers and did fabulously; I lost 57 pounds and felt awesome and looked pretty dang good. Then I went […]

Why we should stop sharing the picture of twins holding hands at birth

Yesterday, I went into a store, and upon seeing I had twins, a woman immediately asked me if I had seen the picture of the twins born holding hands. I told her I had, and that my girls are mono mono too. “Oh!” she said, “wasn’t that so sweet?” Yes, it is sweet, and that […]

The Re-Traumatization of a Fragile Mum

I recently joined some online support groups for parents of mono mono twins. I probably should have joined while I was still pregnant, but never really thought about it. Recently, I was perusing through facebook when I saw some mums had posted pictures of their mono mono twins’ cords; bloody, tangled, and often knotted. My […]