Becoming a special needs mama

Since Buds was born, I’ve been a lot of different type of mums; first time mom, stay at home mom,  working mom, pregnant mom, twin mom, preemie mom, and mom of three. Now, I am really starting to think about being a special needs mom. I guess I’ve technically been a special needs mom since […]

No comparison needed

Every article, post, and doctor tells you not to compare babies. Of course, it’s inevitable as conversations constantly find their way back to whose baby is doing what. Everything from rolling over to starting solids and walking is analyzed to figure out if your baby is behind. Developmental milestones are there to both assure and […]

Sorry, I didn’t know it was a contest

My last Twiniversity blog was about giving Buds attention after the girls came home. It wasn’t meant to be a sob story about having three kids, it was more of a reminder of how important it is to ensure that all your kids, no matter how many you have, know that they are loved and […]

The Nicest Kid on the Block

Buds is not your typical two year old in many ways. For one thing, he’s a chatterbox and almost never stops talking. He tells stories, but mostly he wants to know about everything. We went to the museum and he wanted to know the names of all the dinosaurs.  He loved learning about hieroglyphs and […]

Three Under Three, All Wanting a Piece of Me | Twiniversity

At the beginning,  it was a struggle for me to handle all three kids by myself and make sure that they all got attention,  especially Buds. I found ways to incorporate him into our daily routine based on the things he loves. In the end, I don’t want regrets when it comes to my kids, […]

My sweet, brave girl

It’s not often that a five month old blows your mind, but when said five month old has survived a premature birth, grade four brain bleed, enlarged ventricles, pneumothorax, chest tube, transfusions,  and more within weeks of being born, it really shouldn’t surprise me. Today, we were back at Sick Kids for Ella’s first MRI. […]

We’re eight months old!

Eight months! I just realized that at some point soon I need to think about the girls’ first Christmas and birthdays. At five and a half months corrected, the girls weigh around 15 pounds and are wearing six month size clothing. I’ve had to box up even more clothes that they just keep outgrowing. Miss […]

Road Trippin’

We’re back from our whirlwind adventure to Chicago and managed to all survive the trip! We were gone five days, but with a full day of driving there and a full day back, we had to cram lots of fun into only three days. We really approached the drive with no expectations. The drive from […]

Family Album

We’re pretty lucky seeing as my bestie’s mum is a fabulous photographer who would probably kill me if I allowed anyone else to photograph my children. She’s taken maternity shots for us during both pregnancies and did Braeden’s first birthday shots, which are all incredible. Last month, we grabbed all the kids and pretended to […]