My uterus is none of your concern

Within weeks, if not days, of pushing out your first kid, you’re inevitably bombarded with people asking when you’re going to have the next one. Most new mums become like deer in the headlights as they’re just trying to survive their first, let alone plan for any additional bundles of joy. But, having twins seems […]

Two Close to the Heart: Baby Wearing Twins | Twiniversity

My love of writing initially lead me to start this blog. I’m not a big talker, and writing has always been easier. I love sharing my adventures with you, and airing my frustrations as I navigate mamahood. In my constant quest for putting myself out there via my writing, I have started blogging for Twiniversity. […]

Is doing the best I can a parenting method?

The other day I was walking through our neighbourhood and overheard two women talking about attachment parenting and a book they were reading about it. One of the women was saying that she was following the book word for word, while the other was struggling to make it work. As a social worker, I’m pretty […]

80 Days, Part Two

Today officially marks the girls’ 160th day of life, and after spending 80 days in the NICU, the girls have been home 80 days. For every day that a nurse took care of our girls, I have taken care of them. For every surgery, blood transfusion,  and head ultrasound that Ella received, my girls have […]