Stronger every day

I recently just started the 21 Day Fix Extreme version. It’s basically a pumped up version of the regular fix with a lot of balancing on one leg and jumping with weights. The thing is that I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it; it would be too hard, too intense. I wasn’t strong enough […]

Multiplicity Fall 2015 by Multiplicity Magazine

I am excited to share a new piece I wrote for Multiplicity Magazine about how having twins will make you a better you (page 64 of the issue). When I first started writing this piece, I really felt like I couldn’t come up with anything, then the words started flowing. I ended by talking about […]

Damn right we’re going to celebrate Cerebral Palsy Day

Yesterday was World CP Day, a day where everyone wore green and hopefully learned a bit more about what cerebral palsy is, and what it isn’t. My Facebook feed was flooded with green from other mums I know who also have children with CP and by organizations looking to promote understanding and compassion. Every one […]

We’re 21 months!

21 months…so close to two, I can’t believe it! It’s been a busy month and even a busy few days. The girls haven’t been feeling great thanks to some daycare germs but have kept their appetites and willingness to play. Raegan was weighed today and clocks in around 22 pounds. Ella was about 21 the […]

Preschool, playgrounds, and buddies

I have to say, having worked with kids of all different ages, I got to have a front row seat of friendships and relationships in school settings. I can’t tell you how many girls I’ve worked with have dealt with bullying or relationship issues among their group of friends. But, I didn’t really realize how […]