Would I still have taken the same path had I known its destination?

Every now and then I find myself thinking about life and how strange it is, how you think you’re heading in one direction then the course veers and you go with it, unsure at first, slowly taking steps until you get comfortable and break into your stride.  When I was 20, I was told I […]

Oh that invisible weight on my chest? That’s just the crushing loneliness¬†

Ever since becoming a mum, I have been the happiest I have ever been. I love watching my little people grow and I find them hilarious. They’re my homies, and we have all kinds of crazy fun together. But, I have also never been this lonely. I think there’s a reason you’re meant to have […]

We’re two and a half!

It seems like only yesterday that the two tiniest babies I’d ever seen squiggled in their isolettes, learning how to breathe, move, and live. In a flash, they’ve become little people, with big personalities. Raegan may be one of the nuttiest tiny humans I’ve ever seen. She has her own flair and way of doing […]