Tales from the exhausted mama

Once when out with the kids, I turned to my friend and motioned towards the kids, saying, “And THIS is why I’m so exhausted.” Her response was, “How could anyone not expect you to be exhausted?” I suppose it’s true, most parents walk around like exhausted zombies, constantly complaining about whatever stage their kids are […]

In celebration of nurses

There was a time I never really gave nurses much thought. Not that I didn’t care, just that I kind of took them for granted, that when you got sick, nurses would just be there, much like you take oxygen for granted. But when my girls were born just over ten weeks early, I spent […]

Happy Mother’s Day from the other side

According to marketing execs and those in advertising, what mums really want for Mother’s Day is to sleep in followed by breakfast in bed and completed with a lavishly over-the-top designer gift that will instantly make her feel like the hottest mama on the block.  Of course, for any of that to be possible, one […]