Multiplicity Winter 2016 by Multiplicity Magazine

Multiplicity just released a brand new website and the Winter issue is live now! In it, I write about some ways to introduce your twins to their big brother or sister and keep them from feeling jealous or insecure. I am by no means an expert on the topic, but I always tried to remember […]

Body Image After Twins: Learning to Love Yourself Again – Twiniversity

I’m excited to share my most recent piece for Twiniversity for so many reasons. I’ve always struggled with how I look, with my body. I’ve always wondered how life would be if I were skinnier or prettier. I’m guessing most of you reading this have wondered the same about some aspect of yourself. I’ve constantly […]

Multiplicity Fall 2015 by Multiplicity Magazine

I am excited to share a new piece I wrote for Multiplicity Magazine about how having twins will make you a better you (page 64 of the issue). When I first started writing this piece, I really felt like I couldn’t come up with anything, then the words started flowing. I ended by talking about […]

Joining the Semicolon Project – the fight against depression – The Dime Times

When I got my tattoo of the girls’ names done, I also got a small semi colon done on my left wrist. Though small, the semi colon is mighty, and the representation it has is astounding. It’s almost as if I am wearing my heart on my sleeve; I am saying that I’ve struggled, I’ve […]

Redefining Self Worth – YOU CAN DO IT! – Ennui Magazine & Network

Worth is a very subjective thing. Some people say the price of high fashion is insane, while others say the absolutely gorgeous pieces are worth every penny. But, self worth is even more elusive. It comes and goes based on how our relationships are, how work is, even how we look. What happens when you […]

Please pardon my chaotic life

So this post may sound like a long list of excuses, but I feel it’s owed given my long absence.   After getting back from the trip, I was sick, then celebrated our belated Mother’s Day since I missed it, then started a new job and have been working long days and not getting home til […]

How far we have come, though not far enough

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. A day special to our family as my maternal grandfather fought for the liberation of Holland in World War two. This year also marks his 90th birthday, which means before the age of twenty, he was fighting to protect others that he had never met,  […]