Dear Momo Mama

In so many first time posts from new Momo mamas, they’re asking for assurances, asking those of us who have been there to tell them it will all be ok. Of course, we can’t, but I think there are some things I can say. Dear Mama, You have just been given the greatest news; you’re […]

Either this is teething or we’re in the ninth circle of hell

Last night, Jas and I came home from a double date night and were stoked to hear all three kids had slept the whole time we’d been gone, thinking we were finally turning a page with Raegan. And then, 1:30 hit and it was like all hell broke loose. Miss Raegan proceeded to spend the […]

First comes the full-term birth, then comes preemie

I think I am so lucky to have had a wonderful birth experience before the girls’ c-section for so many reasons. One of my dear friends went into labour Thursday and we were messaging each other back and forth as her labour progressed and it brought so many memories back to my birth with the […]