Joining the Semicolon Project – the fight against depression – The Dime Times

When I got my tattoo of the girls’ names done, I also got a small semi colon done on my left wrist. Though small, the semi colon is mighty, and the representation it has is astounding. It’s almost as if I am wearing my heart on my sleeve; I am saying that I’ve struggled, I’ve […]

Happy neonatal nurses day!

It seems like every day is national day of something or other, and usually I don’t even notice, but today is extra special; Neonatal Nurses Day. And let me ask you,  have you hugged a NICU nurse today? If you ever get the chance, you should.  These people, these wonderfully strong and bright people, see […]

Seriously, why are we still using the R word?

Years ago, when I was working in Chicago, the term mentally retarded was still used to diagnose our students – sure, it was shortened to MR, but it was still there, hanging over everyone like a controversial cloud. I hated it, and still do. It’s not a diagnosis, it’s a social stigma. Now, people say […]

The paradoxical hospital

I’m sitting in the same place I’ve sat many times before; the hospital cafeteria. One floor below me, Ella is laying in a giant MRI machine that is capturing pictures of her brain. Her second time, and though I know the routine and what to expect, watching your baby fight the mask meant to put […]

We’re 20 months old!

20 months! In just 4 short months, the girls will be turning two, and that I cannot believe. This month has been crazy; so much has changed in such a short time. The girls fully transitioned to daycare and are doing well. Ella napped at school two days last week while Raegan decided to stand […]

Separated After Twins: Taking a Marriage Break – Twiniversity

In probably one of my most personal blogs for Twiniversity, I open up about my marriage and separation. Since writing this piece, we have begun to figure out how to parent together, though separated. It’s not easy and especially not with two kids who are all about their dad. I swear Raegan’s favourite word is […]

I don’t want my daughter to be your hero

The girls recently started transitioning to daycare, with today being their official first day. It’s been going well thanks to our amazing nanny who stays with them and is so great with the girls, and especially Ella. The girls’ school is not yet accessible and I don’t think there’s ever been a child with different […]