Umm there’s two babies here…

It doesn’t seem too long ago now that, on a whim, my doctor wheeled in the small ultrasound machine at our first appointment, at 11 weeks, just to have a peek. I stared at the screen, happily grinning, and then, squinting, because that couldn’t possibly be…

All it took was for my doctor to say “Umm” and I knew. Two babies. Twins. I laughed, what else is there to do?

I’m getting ahead of the story a little bit. Having PCOS, I was told at 20 that I would never have children, and then later at 27, was told that it wasn’t looking good as I was rarely ovulating, and when I did ovulate, my eggs just weren’t viable. But, all it took was the right combination, and poof, our first pregnancy. Despite everything, I had an amazing pregnancy and was lucky enough to deliver naturally without complications. February 19, 2012, just one day late, Buds was born with just three pushes that changed my life. Since then, he has become the center of our trio, and the person who keeps us most on our toes, and gives us big belly laughs. Knowing we wanted to add to our family, but not knowing what would happen, we decided to start trying for a second babe.

Little did we know that our second pregnancy would come much easier than the first, and that we would have such a complicated twins pregnancy. Not only are we having our second child, but third as well. Join us as we navigate living with a toddler and expecting mono mono twins!

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