Surprise, surprise

girlsWith our first pregnancy, we both knew that we wanted to find out the baby’s sex. While I was convinced we were having a girl, I had a dream after all!, Jason said from the beginning it was a boy. And of course, he was right, typical. Anyway, we found out together, smushed in the little room, staring at the screen as the ultrasound tech announced it was a boy. I was thrilled to know and wouldn’t change that amazing moment for the world as we began discussing names right then and there.

As we discussed having a second baby, I thought I’d like to be surprised. Not finding out if we had another boy or a girl to add to the family until Jason would excitedly shout out, “it’s a girl/boy!” before I got to hold them. Jas has always wanted to know and swore to me he would keep the secret (yah, right.) With the discovery of twins, this changed a few things. I still considered keeping it a surprise, but as I thought more about how difficult this pregnancy has been and how I’ve found myself staring at my belly, worried and anxious, I decided that I would like to know too, for something to look forward to.

Jas, concerned that something might happen to the babies, thought maybe we shouldn’t, that it would be hard to know if we lost them, but I the positive one, reassured him that this was nonsense and he should listen to me. So he did. Naturally.

Jas is busily wrapping up his last year in school, and our appointments just never seemed to match up to his schedule, so we never found ourselves smushed in the room together. I refused to find out on my own, despite my tech taunting me with “I know what you’re having!” because it just took away from the specialness. And we needed something special.

Jason became more anxious, wanting to know and asked me to have one of my nurses write down the gender for me to give to him or to just find out and tell him. But, I’m sneaky. Jason’s birthday was coming up, and despite my planning, he always discovers his surprise plans. So I asked them to write down the sex of the babies for me, to give to Jas on his birthday. And then, I did what any good wife would do, I lied. I told him they wouldn’t do that, that we would have to wait until he could come with me. He was mad at me for not finding out, but I dealt with it.

Then, after all the gifts were unwrapped, and after we’d had our celebratory meal out, just before ordering dessert. I slipped my hand into my purse and pulled out an envelope. I turned to him, and said, “I have one more surprise for you” and slipped him the envelope as I have seen countless actors do when bribing people on TV.

“Is this the babies?” he asked, excitedly. I nodded, already tears in my eyes. He ripped it open, and together, we pulled open the letter, to find out we were having …….

GIRLS! Twin baby girls. I cried, Jason was in shock, and now I can say good morning to my two little ladies, and I could finally start buying a few things!

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