Oh, babies babies

I think these girls are trying to tell me to stop making plans as every time I do, something else gets in the way. Just when I was excited to get the three of us back home, I find myself back in the hospital. 

Thinking today would be a normal doctor visit and ultrasound,  I asked Jas to tag along to see the girls in action.  Everything was going smoothly until my Dr sent me for a non-stress test to monitor the babies. The girls were cuddled in together nice and tight, literally positioned heart to heart.

The monitoring showed several heart rate drops and was near impossible to get two separate heart rates. So, with our girls best interests in mind, I’m back at the hospital overnight to be monitored again.

I’ve already finished one NST and the girls did swimmingly, so Jas has promised me breakfast tomorrow when I get released.

I can taste the waffles now. Mmm, waffles.

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