We’re three weeks old!


Raegan, day 21


Ella, day 21

Three weeks have flown by! The girls are doing well, both are closing in on three pounds and starting to look more alike.

We’re settling in to a routine, and every day I hold the girls as long as I can. The nurses say that my body keeps the girls warm, but they are like two hot pockets, heating me up.

Ella is more alert and seems to be doing really well. After weeks of her head size and ventricles increasing daily, it was a minimal increase yesterday (one millimeter) and no increase today. I am being as positive as I can be, hoping that she is as tough as I think.

Raegan spent much of today in crankypants mode, letting everyone know that she may be little, but can still get your attention.

Despite the daily checks, my milk supply has not magically increased overnight and I definitely don’t run the risk of spontaneously shooting milk across the room. Is there a saying about not crying over pumped milk volumes? There should be.

I am feeling massively better from my section and Buds is finally home. I’m not gonna lie, the kid is heavy, but I’m so thankful to have him back home, even if his biggest concern is playing cars.

I’m hoping on getting some more done in the girls’ room and starting to mentally plan Buds’ birthday but in the meantime, I love my daily cuddles with those tiny tots.


The girls and I kangarooing, day 21

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