These boobs are made for milking?

We all know by now my love-hate (let’s be honest, it’s all hate) relationship with my pump, but last week I started breastfeeding the girls.

Mostly, it’s just for practice as the girls aren’t quite 35 weeks, but they’re on the boob and it’s better than being attached to a machine.

Let me tell you, it’s weird. Breastfeeding may be natural and all that crap, but breastfeeding twins is a mission. Yes, we have two boobs, but also only two hands and trying to hold two kids and two boobs and be able to adjust, move, or breathe as needed is almost impossible. They’re in football hold, but there’s a reason why you play with only one ball. Let’s be honest, most men could not run down the field with two balls, let alone two kids.

I naturally assumed that starting the breastfeeding would give me a break from pumping. Oh no. I am supposed to pump more. More! Ha. I wince with a strong gust of wind, nevermind two kids and a pump. Buds pushed against me last night and I was in tears.

My supply is up. And by up I mean 150 ish ml a day. It should be 850. My boobs despite their size, are natural under-achievers, apparently.

So, I trudge on with nursing, pumping, sterilizing, transporting, and shielding. How long are you supposed to feed again anyway? A YEAR???!!!

5 thoughts on “These boobs are made for milking?

  1. I totally agree that breastfeeding twins feels much less natural! Have you got a double breastfeeding pillow? Also, be careful with your posture as there’s a real tendency to slouch! I lasted 6 weeks as my twins were not good latchers but I’m glad they got all the good colostrum! All the best

  2. Ahhh something so natural isn’t always that easy is it! I only had to BF the one baby (my little boy was born at 31wks). My boobs were also under achiever’s when it came to the pump. I hated my pump! Pumped for about 6wks in total I think it was x

  3. I feel like I pretty much could have written the exact same post about my “breastfeeding twin preemies” experience. I was so excited to move on from being shackled to the pump, and it was nice to finally feed the babies directly, but, ugh. Not easy!!! Especially when you’re already behind the curve in supply (850mls? Yeah right!). But hey, breastfeeding means you’re one big step closer to coming home, right?

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