We’re six weeks old!


Ella and Raegan, NICU day 42

Wow, six weeks have flown by and our girls have come so far.

It’s so hard to believe that the same little girl who struggled so much in the beginning is now leading the pack. Ella has been doing so well this week, and just moved into a crib! Not only is it amazing how well she’s doing, but I didn’t notice all of the noises she makes and all her stretching because of the cover on her old house. I love being able to just sneak up and peek on her, and let’s be honest, take pictures, without disturbing her. I could literally pass out from cuteness overload seeing her tucked in her bed.

Jas and I met with Ella’s doctor on the weekend (during the Canada-Finland hockey game if you can believe it). The news was good, but cautious. Ella has a grade four bleed, though I don’t know how much that actually determines her outcome. They’re pretty sure she does not have PVL (yay!), but he cautioned that a mild to severe disability is still a possibility, we just don’t know to what extent. I have to say, she has come a long way from the puffy little girl on oxygen and seizure monitors to a bright eyed beauty. I can’t say if it’s from all the kangarooing, the pumped milk, or just her “I’ll show you” attitude, but whatever it is, the girl blows my mind.


Ella, day 41

Raegan is slowly catching up to her bigger little sister in size, with both girls just shy of 5 pounds. Raegan has lots of periods of wakefulness, with her big eyes looking around at the world. Most of the time, she looks at me with a big frown and just always looks like a grump. It’s hilarious and I adore her.

I asked that we try turning the heat down in her condo so that she can work on maintaining her own temperature so she too can move to a big girl crib. So far, she’s been doing well.


Raegan, day 42

Showing their twinship, both girls constantly have the hiccups. One will finally stop and the other will start. I’m not entirely sure how such tiny people could make that much noise, but it’s adorable. The girls also seem to be doing just as well as each other in nursing and bottles. I am contemplating my next moves with feeding as no matter what, I will need to supplement.

I can’t wait to see what week seven will bring. Now, to prepare for them coming home!

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