Raegan and Ella home for the first time, March 28th

80 days. It took 80 days, but our girls are finally home! We just tucked them into their new beds and we’re all being serenaded by the river setting on our sleep sheep.

What a surreal moment. It seems obvious that when you have a baby, you bring them home, but after so long, it felt like this day may never come. Finally, it was here, and I couldn’t help but smile as we strolled out of the hospital. I wanted to scream, “LATER SUCKAS!!” but restrained myself for the girls’ sakes, there’s plenty of time to embarrass them later.


Buds peeks on Raegan, March 28th

It does seem strange to not be packing my lunch and preparing for another day at the hospital; it’s pretty much been all I’ve known for the past 80 days. It’s sad to say goodbye to people who were practically family, though I know we’ll be back in just a few short weeks for follow-up. We were so entrenched, that the staff and fellow parents practically feel like war buddies.

I know I should be terrified, bringing home twins and raising a toddler, but right now I feel at peace, all five of us under the same roof for the first night ever.

Sweet dreams, indeed.

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