O Sleep, Where Art Thou?

Remember when you were a teenager and getting up early was any time before 11 AM? How I miss those days; wrapping myself in the covers like a cinnabon bun, oblivious to the outside world.

Jas and I were spoiled with Buds. He slept through the night at two weeks old. Nope, not kidding. That kid is still a good sleeper, and often wants to just lounge in his bed reading books. This morning, after I got him up, he cried, “My bed! My bed!”

So, needless to say it has been a LONG time since my sleep was so disturbed by a child.

The girls spent much of this past week awake at night and fussy. Wanting to be held, fed, burped, anything but sleeping restfully like two chubby angels. The other night they were up from 1:30 to 7:30 AM and then Raegan was up again at 9.


I was a zombie, nodding off at random times, and actually able to feel the bags under my eyes.

I have never much been a fan of the old “sleep when the baby sleeps!” advice people pass on at every. single. baby shower. For one, babies have the most random sleep schedules. I hate finally putting your head down on your cool pillow only to have an 8 pounder screaming at you seconds later. I cannot stand the grogginess some naps give you, and they always give me a migraine. But besides all that, I gotsta get shit done.

Let’s say you can actually sleep when the babies do. Now, when are you showering, eating, brushing your teeth, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, checking emails, doing the laundry, making appointments, cooking, relaxing, cleaning, grocery shopping, seeing friends, and uploading your millions of pictures to facebook?

With Buds, I just never found it practical in the beginning to try to have short naps when there was so much to do. Jas was back to work right away and I had to do stuff, like go get diapers.

I know the girls won’t always wake up every few hours in the night,  but when my head hits the pillow each time, I can’t help but dream about my past sleep-filled nights.

One thought on “O Sleep, Where Art Thou?

  1. I’ll fess up… My girls were the most terrible sleepers. TERRIBLE. They actually didn’t start sleeping through the night until this year (they are five) and still I get woke up to take one to the potty, snuggle after a bad dream, cover me up (that one makes me mad, and I’ve said, “Use the hands GOD GAVE YOU” in that mean, trying to stay calm mommy voice one can only summon after so many nights of interrupted sleep. BUT, during the baby days when they did nap, the minute I put them in their beds, I’d clean up whatever mess was the worst then dive into my bed as fast as possible. I went from being one of those people who had to have everything “just so” in my house to admitting defeat for a little while, showering once my husband got home – I wasn’t a pretty sight to come home to, so I don’t recommend that – but I could have fallen asleep anywhere, anytime during that stage. It gives you a new level of temporary hatred for those people who have ‘good sleepers’. That fades. Years later. šŸ™‚ You will learn you can handle ANYTHING once you get through this first year!

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