Out and About


Ella and Raegan out and about!

I could not be more thankful that the sun is shining – finally! What a difference it makes being able to head outside with the girls.

Almost every day this week I’ve loaded up the stroller and gone for a walk. Usually, we just run errands (stamp buying time, yay!), but today we went out to lunch with our friend. First time in a restaurant, and the girls nailed it by sleeping through it.

I must admit, being at lunch and seeing a head peering into the stroller from the side of my eye was just a tad creepy, but none of the weirdos in our hood can keep us inside.

I honestly think that being in the sun, pushing the girls around is an instant mental health protector. It’s hard to feel tired, anxious, or crazy when you’ve got sunglasses on and the wind blowing in your hair. Also, weight watchers activity points.

Buds is done daycare soon, and I can’t wait for all the adventures we’ll have in the neighbourhood, even if it is total chaos getting out of the house.

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