We’re 100 days old!


Raegan and Ella, day 100

Wow, so hard to believe that almost the first third of the girls’ first year is done! What an amazing adventure we’ve been on in just 100 days.

The past couple days have been super cold and gross so we’ve mostly been bumming around at home, which is fine. Buds’ last day at daycare is Monday so it’s about to get nutty in here!

Ella rolled over today! I put the girls on their bellies and she fully flipped herself to her back. I put her back on her tummy and she rolled from side to side but didn’t flip. I have a feeling this lady has some serious tricks up her sleeve.

Raegan continues to be a bit of a grump, but it’s mostly hilarious. She has some intense eyebrows, our girl.

This weekend is filled with activities and visits, not just from the Easter bunny. I hope the girls know how well loved they are already!


Raegan and Ella, just hangin

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