Sometimes, you just have to be a girl

So today I was selfish. I’m almost never selfish, the kids always come first, but after five weeks of not sleeping, and a big birthday, today, I indulged.

I left the diaper bag at home, grabbed the Coach purse I always get compliments on, and went to do my nails and get my hair cut. I sat in the massage chair, at my favourite nail place and literally did nothing. Sure, I thought about the kids and wondered if my parents were overwhelmed, but there’s not much I can do when someone is holding scissors to my head.


JMP and ACK at dinner

So after indulging, the husband and I went out to dinner and people watched without two year old tantrums or newborns screaming. The food was hot and the champagne cold. Of course my kids are my world, but let’s be frank; Mama was about to lose her shit.


Pink nails and bubbles, a true indulgence

Arriving at my parents’ house, we found them sitting in the dark with two cranky girls. Immediately, I felt guilty, but Buds was sleeping and the girls (and grandparents) survived, and I already looked fabulous, so, pass the bubbly and the pacifiers and at least when I’m up all night, I’ll look damn good.

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