I’m a social media mama

There’s been a bunch of articles and blogs lately talking about not sharing pictures of your kids on social media. Some believe that this takes away your kid’s privacy, while others argue that in the future, their job interviewer will be able to pull up baby pictures of them in the bath.

While I understand why some people choose not to share their lives on social media, I am a full-on social media mama.

I love taking pictures and my kids are usually the stars. With family and friends spread out literally over the world, the only way they get to see them is online. I could email them directly, but honestly, who has time for that when sharing pictures on facebook takes one click and about 20 seconds.

I do agree that limits need to be set. We have tons of pictures and stories that we choose not to share. Even though we (and it was mostly me, to be honest) were very forthcoming about our NICU time, we did not share pictures of Ella at her sickest. The pictures are terrifying and sad, and while they show how far she’s come, they’re upseting.

I do love sharing pics of the kids, I mean, have you seen them? They’re adorable. I also love to see pictures my friends post, and again, because of distance, I can’t always see wee ones in person. I have to say that sometimes I wonder about the things parents choose to share. I don’t get sharing pictures of your sick kid or when they’re being toilet trained or are in the middle of a full blown tantrum. If you really want to capture that moment, fine, but why then send it out to the universe?

I tend to try to avoid sharing our location while we’re actually somewhere. If we went to the zoo, I wait until we’re home to post the pics. The idea that someone could potentially see us online and seek us out in person is beyond creepy, to say the least. I feel the same way about those stick figure family cartoons you see on the back of cars. I mean, has no one seen Dexter?

I have to admit that a big reason for my photo documentation has a lot to do with guilt. When pregnant with Buds, I kept a lovely baby book that continued after he was born, full of cards, pictures, monthly adventures, and milestones. I haven’t done shit for the girls. I wish I was super crafty mama, but I just don’t have the time. The girls have their NICU memory box, and now, an online baby book of photo memories. If these girls are like their brother, they’ll love looking at pictures of themselves. I feel bad, but am hopeful that a photo journal is just as good as an actual baby book…maybe?


A rare find - a photo of me!

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