We’re eight months old!


Ella and Reagan, 8 months (September 7, 2014)

Eight months! I just realized that at some point soon I need to think about the girls’ first Christmas and birthdays.

At five and a half months corrected, the girls weigh around 15 pounds and are wearing six month size clothing. I’ve had to box up even more clothes that they just keep outgrowing. Miss Raegan is still smaller, but is her ever feisty self.

Raegan is prepping for crawling already. She is desperate to move and can go backwards on her hands and knees.  She can sit by herself in a propped up position but hates it. I’m guessing that has a lot to do with the fact that she can’t move as easily then. She is also loving solid food. She gets two bowls of cereal, two servings of fruit, and one veggie every day. You literally cannot shove the food in fast enough!

Ella is still the happiest baby, all chubby cheeks and giggles. Both girls continue to teeth but nothing has popped through yet. Soon enough, I think! She’s back at the doctor this week and we have a couple more appointments this month. She isn’t as far ahead as Raegan, but is trying to sit up on her own and rolls from side to side. She is not a huge fan of the cereal and prunes she’s tried, but hopefully soon she’ll be ready to eat as much as her sister.

We keep trekking on and soon will be prepping for Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en and feeling leaves crunch beneath our feet!

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