Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong

The other day, I was chatting with another mum about the girls. I shared a little of our story and she asked how long the girls had spent in the NICU.

I responded,  “80 days.”

She laughed,  “Not that you were counting!”

I did not laugh or return her smirk because, of course I counted every day. I kept track of the days that the girls were separated from me, inside little plastic houses.  I counted every day because that was one day closer to them being home. Sure, I could say they were in for close to three months, but I know it’s 80 days. That number will forever be etched into my heart and my mind.

I continue to keep track of their days and every day there is something amazing to document.  Whether it’s just their first chilly day, a cute outfit, or trying new food, it’s special because we didn’t know that they would get to experience these things. We didn’t even know if they would come home.

So, yes, I count every day. The first 80 and every single day after because every day for my girls is special.

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