Let me tell you about a girl named Ella

Amazing Ella, that should be her full name, though I am quite partial to Ella Noël. 

Honestly, she is amazing. This is a girl who fought hard for her life when she was smaller than a football. A girl who has spent the first year of her life at appointment after appointment. A girl who has two therapists, five doctors, and clinics at four different hospitals.

Ella spends most of her time with people poking and prodding her, moving her arms and legs in different, and probably uncomfortable,  positions.

But, she is calm. She smiles constantly.  She giggles with her whole body and has the rosiest, chubby cheeks. She has a natural chocolate scent in her hair and the sweetest blue eyes.

When her sister is screaming, Ella is looking at her, places a hand on her as if to pass along some of her calmness.

Ella is a constant observer. She loves people and wants to see what everyone’s doing. She loves her maraca and her stuffed toys. She loves being read stories and adores her big brother. She loves chewbeads and often picks up the necklace to happily gnaw away for a few minutes.

Ella loves food. She will eat anything and laughs when she really likes it.  She grumbles at me if I’m too slow with the food, but always rewards me with a smile.

Ella tries so hard. She tries to sit up, to roll over. She does her exercises and stretches, usually while giggling.  She tries to feed herself and gets creative. She tries and she’s so smart.  My girl is not a quitter.

Ella is a cuddler. She loves to snuggle in, and often pats your back. She loves to pull my hair and finds it hilarious.  She laughs when I brush her teeth and does her best to steal her toothbrush from me.

She is so sweet, so funny, so smart.  This girl is going places.

Oh, and Ella has cerebral palsy.

But that doesn’t seem so important,  does it?


Ella, January 27th (day 386)

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