What do you mean you’re not babies anymore?

The other night both girls were up and frantic, and after the third time of pacing with Raegan, I walked by my full-length mirror and snuck a peek.

Seriously, my baby is gigantic.


Buds the baby

Let’s be real; Raegan will always be Itty Bitty to me, but seeing her, her body draped across mine, I realized, she’s not a baby anymore. And of course,  if she isn’t,  Ella isn’t either, and Buds definitely isn’t. 


Buds the preschooler

When did I become a mum of two toddlers and a preschooler? How did that happen?


Newborn babies!!

When did Braeden stop looking like a baby and start looking like a little boy? When did the girls grow so big that their clothes don’t fit? Why do I have boxes and boxes of used clothes in my basement? When did these toys become for babies?


Big girls!

I don’t even realize how fast time has gone until I look at baby pictures of them. Ella’s chubby cheeks are thinning. Raegan is twirling her hair absent mindedly.  Braeden uses big people words and is wearing size five clothes. FIVE. As in for five year olds. How did this happen?

And really, the most important question is, how did I manage to not age a day?


I don't look old. Right?!

2 thoughts on “What do you mean you’re not babies anymore?

  1. You look amazing! And so do the kids :p The other day someone asked me how old my Lilly was and I said 1 year old until I actually starting counting months and realised she’s almost 19 months! That’s like almost 2! When did that happen?!

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