Separated After Twins: Taking a Marriage Break – Twiniversity

In probably one of my most personal blogs for Twiniversity, I open up about my marriage and separation.

Since writing this piece, we have begun to figure out how to parent together, though separated. It’s not easy and especially not with two kids who are all about their dad. I swear Raegan’s favourite word is Daddy, and he’s definitely her favourite person. When he’s not around and she asks for him and I tell her he’s not there, she is not a happy camper.

You may have seen the divorce selfie that has gone viral; a couple in Alberta pledging to parent together, to attend pageants and plays together, to celebrate birthdays and Christmases together, to plan their kids’ weddings together. Our hope is to do the same, though it may be difficult, for the benefit of our kids. We know it will be hard, especially when one of us starts dating, though that seems like a lifetime away.

For now, I have my words, and I have a chance to heal, and I am trying to do just that.

One thought on “Separated After Twins: Taking a Marriage Break – Twiniversity

  1. Good luck working together! I’m glad you guys didn’t have a bridge burning divorce to the point you couldn’t do this for them. It may not go perfectly all the time, but sometimes people don’t even try. Trying makes all the difference.

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