Stronger every day


Ella, my sunny girl

I recently just started the 21 Day Fix Extreme version. It’s basically a pumped up version of the regular fix with a lot of balancing on one leg and jumping with weights. The thing is that I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it; it would be too hard, too intense. I wasn’t strong enough or capable of doing it. I was scared to try because I just didn’t believe in myself.

But the thing is; I can do it. I mean, ok, some of it with modifications, but I do a lot more than I ever thought I could because I’m getting stronger every day. Physically stronger, and now I’m working on getting mentally and emotionally stronger, too. My journey reminds me of a bubbly toddler whose story has seen many hard times already.


Sitting in a cart unassisted for the first time!

Ella is getting stronger every day, too. It’s noticeable;  her right hand is open more, she’s using her stander and standing up with help. She’s playing more and reading books, banging around instruments. She’s sleeping on her tummy, rolling both directions. I’m amazed by her every day. I popped her in a cart at Winners and she did so well; she held on with both hands, and though she would fall to the side, she was trying and I’m so proud of her for that.


Playing at our NICU follow up appointment

We just had a follow-up appointment at our NICU which was meant to be an 18 month assessment where she plays games like puzzles and points to pictures. She had a really hard time,  not with the exercises, but with her seating, and the assessment had to be stopped. Follow-up identified that she needs equipment stat so that she doesn’t fall behind. We’re heading in this week for AFOs  (leg braces) and looking at seats to try and help her. She is so smart and I want her to succeed,  not be held back because of the inability to sit in a regular chair.


Standing and playing with her amazing nanny!!

Ella is stronger every day, and I’m getting stronger every day, too. Her spirit amazes me, and makes me so proud to be her Mama.


Mama and Ella

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