Happy birthday, girls!

Last week the girls turned two and so naturally that means it’s time to party! They had a rather large shindig last year, and I really wanted to keep it small, but still special.


Ella and Raegan dressed in their Elmo outfits!

So, this past Sunday, that’s what we did; a small get together based around one of the girls’ favourite things – Elmo! They were very excited to come downstairs and see the Elmo balloons and wear their tutus.  “Ella’s tutu, Raegan’s tutu!”


Ella has too much fun playing with her balloon to eat breakfast!

I know that their birthday brings up lots of emotions in me, and probably for others who care for them. When babies enter the world the way my girls did, you don’t soon forget it. In fact, every single second of that day is permanently etched in my mind. But, we have come so far and we should celebrate, and to celebrate these special girls is so easy.



Here are a few photos from the girls’ special day. Happy birthday, sweet girls!


The spread


Ella loved opening presents!


Raegan figures out how to best open gifts


The cake!


Raegan enjoys some cake


As does Ella!

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