To my four year old

Four years ago today something amazing happened; a little peanut named Braeden was born, coming swiftly and fiercely into this world with sass that will never go away – not that I would ever want it to.


Braeden February 19, 2012

More importantly,  that day Braeden made me a mum, a job I feel like I’ve had much longer than four years, and have cherished every day since. Watching this munchkin grow up has been amazing. So much personality in such a small, spunky package. Even now he surprises me with his shape recognition and vocabulary, but never with his big heart or crazy curly hair.


One year old! February 19, 2013

Being a mum is never easy, how could it be when we are responsible for raising tiny humans into amazing people? Sometimes I doubt my abilities as a mum, some days are really hard, and I collapse at the end of the day wondering if I could have done better, but then there are days when I just know I’ve got this.


Two years old! February 19, 2014

This little bear handled becoming a big brother to two little sisters like a champ and despite occasionally showing Raegan how to be a nutbar,  I know that if I didn’t have such a great kid that bringing home babies in need of so much attention would have been impossible. I’ve loved watching him become a big brother and snicker when he calls his sisters sweety and tells me how adorable they are.


Three years old! February 19, 2015

I have such big dreams for my little man and I’m stuck in the mama world of not wanting him to grow up, but wanting to see what becomes of him. My first taste of the future came this week when I registered him for kindergarten and I couldn’t believe it had been four years since I waddled around with him in my belly, kicking and punching me whenever a good song came on.


4 years old! February 19, 2016

Happy fourth birthday,  baby boy, my favourite curly haired little bear with the cutest one dimpled smile ever. Thank you for making me a mama and going on this crazy journey together, and thank you for being a constant reminder of how big my heart can swell and how much love this mama has.

One thought on “To my four year old

  1. Happy belated birthday, Braeden! The series of birthday pictures is great. So wonderful and shocking, how children grow up so fast

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