Fa la la la la

I’ve written about the holidays on several occasions; my first four years ago when I was living in the hospital at this time keeping a watchful eye on those sassy babies living it up in my tummy. Last year, my focus on the holidays was hopeful; with a long year behind me but hopeful for […]

Once a preemie, always a preemie?

Today is World Prematurity Day, our third since the girls were born ten weeks too soon. I’ve been reflecting a lot on prematurity and its place in our story. I recently spoke on a Parent Panel to share our stories of prematurity and journeys home from the NICU. I caught the tail-end of a former […]

All the thanks I be giving

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and naturally social media is flooded with posts about what everyone is thankful for. Instead of posting a drawn out Facebook status, I figure I’ll write about my thankfulness here. First of all, I’m thankful for my three curly-haired minions. They can drive me up the wall, but my life […]

Give me a second while I readjust my crown

I’ve written a lot about trauma, especially the trauma that accompanies a premature birth. I think a lot of the post secondary trauma I’ve experienced in the girls’ lifetime is related to their birth; more so than the NICU stay. Maybe it was the suddenness of the delivery versus the time I had to adjust […]

Just a trip down hospital memory lane

Last week Ella got sick. And I mean, they’re all in daycare so germs and sickness are pretty standard fare, but she seemed really sick; hot and clingy and having trouble breathing. A trip to the doctor turned into a trip to an outpatient pediatric clinic in a hospital. But, when the clinic was closed, […]

A little Friday trauma never hurt anybody

Life is funny. You make plans for the day, week, month and you just expect that things will go your way. Then sometimes something happens that completely derails you. Friday, I was at work when I got a phone call; Raegan was having trouble breathing. I left as fast as my legs would move and […]

The Re-Traumatization of a Fragile Mum

I recently joined some online support groups for parents of mono mono twins. I probably should have joined while I was still pregnant, but never really thought about it. Recently, I was perusing through facebook when I saw some mums had posted pictures of their mono mono twins’ cords; bloody, tangled, and often knotted. My […]