She gets it from her Mama 

2016 is soon ending, and it was just one of those years-simultaneously flew by and went on forever. It was a tough year, with so much going on in the world that would make anyone want to crawl under the covers and await the new year.

But, this year was the year I saw Ella grow so much. Her strength throughout this year has been incredible. In January, she could not sit in a high chair. She was needing help to feed herself certain things. And now? Oh now, she can sit on her own, can support herself on the stairs, can army crawl faster than any Marine, and is just so strong. So, so strong.

I’m amazed. Her teachers are amazed. Her progress is phenomenal. And her personality? That sass, that cheeky attitude, that flash of dimple. The crazy, curly hair. What an amazing girl. And seeing all three of my kids playing together, that’s a great Christmas gift. 

Sometimes, I look at her, and I wonder where her strength comes from. Where that personality of rainbows and lollipops and phenomenal attitude of “I can do it!” comes from. Where that unwavering desire to want to do it, to try, on her own, comes from. Where that stubbornness comes from.

I’m pretty sure that Ella is just particularly sunny, but sometimes, I like to think that part of why she’s so strong is because I am too. Mostly, it doesn’t feel like it-the days are long, so long – but I hope that there is strength there. Not all the time, that’s impossible. But in the important moments. Her strength gives me strength and hope knowing that this girl is never going to let anything get in her way, particularly not Cerebral Palsy.

Ella propping herself up and about to crawl!

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