Ella and Raegan turn three!

Ok, so, technically it’s been almost a week since the girls turned three, but it’s been a busy week, with little sleep. And so, here we are.

Ella and Raegan turn 3! January 7, 2017

Every day I am truly amazed by these two. They’ve grown up in the blink of an eye. Two pounds to thirty pounds. Tiny itty bitties to sassy pants preschoolers. They talk SO much. To think Ella was once diagnosed as universally delayed due to speech is so crazy to me – the girl tells stories paragraphs long. Just seems to have so much to say. Raegan is a chatty lady too and the two of them talk constantly to each other and to Braeden. They tell me about their day and their friends at school, but they also lay in bed and call out to each other as they’re falling asleep or waking up, always needing to be near each other.

All dressed up for their party!

The girls got to invite friends to their party; Raegan chose one friend from school and Ella chose two. It’s so amazing to see them with friends that they’ve made on their own, to hear them talk so excitedly about them. When they were in the NICU, imagining “normal” things like making friends seemed so far fetched, so far away, and now that it’s happening I’m wondering what happened to my babies.

The cake!

So, with so many things for the girls, we celebrate, because there is much to celebrate. And when you have twins, sometimes they don’t always see eye to eye, so when one wants a Frozen party and the other wants Bubble Guppies, you throw a mashup party of both and have the girls’ two favourite things come together for my two favourite girls.

Ella adjusting her tiara

So, we got together and wore tutus (or at least, the birthday girls did), ate food, saw friends, and celebrated. Because every year, every day, every moment is worth celebrating.

Bear bum

2 thoughts on “Ella and Raegan turn three!

  1. We loved being part of the celebration! Thank you for having us! (Including the photobook with last year’s bday photo in the picture is brilliant, BTW!)

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