Oh Mama, you’re doing just fine

So, for those who don’t know, I work in children’s mental health and spend a lot of my time talking about parenting and parenting skills. And all too often am I reminded of my own parenting journey when talking about families.

Since starting school last year, Braeden has had some pretty challenging behaviours that I have thrown every skill and technique in my arsenal at. It’s been exhausting and I’ve definitely questioned my ability to parent, my ability to keep any level of sanity in the house. I was hopeful that this school year would be better, but there were some phone calls from the school within the first couple of weeks and I thought I might lose it.

Instead of totally giving in and berating myself, and him, we talked about how much Mama would like the next phone call home to be something positive that Braeden did that day at school. That’s when he excitedly told me about the postcards his teacher sends when he collect lots of checkmarks. So, every morning I’ve been reminding him about the postcard and about making choices that allow him to bring one home.

Tonight, Braeden excitedly told me he had a surprise for me, when he showed me his first postcard! The look of pride on his face was so incredible and I was so proud of him and happy that he has a moment like this to encourage him to keep up the good work, and really, a moment for me to remind myself that parenting is hard work that even the experts struggle with, and that it’s the little things like this postcard that will keep us both motivated and reminded that we can handle this crazy ride.

And the fact that he was so happy to show me his postcard while all dressed up for picture day was really the icing on the cake.

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