A room of their own

I’m pretty sure that a lot of parents enjoy decorating the nursery, especially with their first baby. When we were having Buds, we lived in a small apartment, which meant no painting, and also meant that his room was shared with our small office desk and chair. Since we couldn’t do much, I used wall decals and meticulously arranged monkeys dangling from palm trees as well as some of our favourite maternity shots over his crib.

Right now, the girls room is literally one crib and white walls. That’s it. No dresser, no change pad, nothing pretty waiting for them to welcome them home. Our doctor suggested that we not make any purchases until 24 weeks, just in case. I listened, only buying a few things right before coming in to the hospital to get us through the time in the hospital and first few days at home.

Knowing that our baby girls will be in the NICU for some time, I want them to have a lovely room to grow in. Jas and I have talked about décor and I spend some time in the hospital perusing our options. I feel like Pinterest has really ruined us normals who aren’t going to be arranging some elaborate nursery, complete with hand-painted wooden dolls, or whatever is au currant. Buds’ monkeys have been transported to his new room, but are peeling away. At home, in a box, I have a complete cars and trucks scene, his favourite things since, well, anything, which I hope to have up and looking fabulous by his birthday in February.

I know that we have lots of time after they’re born to get everything done, unlike with a full-term pregnancy where you’re shipped out of the hospital ASAP and then you’re at home with a newborn and have no idea what day it is, let alone the desire to start decorating.

In the end, our girls don’t need some Pottery Barn catalog room, their room will be special, because these ladies are special and, really, how long do we have before they tell us they hate their room anyway?

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