Belly update! Week 25

belly week 25We’ve hit another milestone, 25 weeks! Yay! With every week, our baby girls grow stronger and will do better if they are delivered. Also, at 25 weeks, we have 7 weeks left to go!

So our little cantaloupes are no more, now they’re two cauliflowers! Not as sweet, but pretty funny to picture two cauliflowers in my belly, especially as I actually think cauliflower is pretty gross. Inside, those two little ladies are growing cuter and continue their important development. Today at my ultrasound, they were shaped like an inverted L, with Twin A lounging along the top of my body, head right under my belly button, and Twin B was straight down, with her head down as well.

Another fun fact is that according to my friend, when I laugh, my belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly, so in other words, I am becoming more and more like Santa every day. Better lay off the cookies.

One thought on “Belly update! Week 25

  1. I’m quite sure that your friend (whoever the intelligent and amusing individual is) would also say that no other part of you shakes when you laugh, so to go ahead and keep eating cookies or peanut M&Ms. Did I say ‘or’? I meant ‘and’.

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